Joseph Rebman

Harpist and Composer

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Live recording from a recital presented by the composer, April 7th, 2017.

Instrumentation: Solo harp

Written: Fall 2016

Duration: 4-5 min

Premiere: 2017 TUTTI New Music Festival at Denison University in Granville, Ohio by the composer.

Program Notes:

Twilight is a large cadenza from my harp concerto Hyperion. It is performed in between the second movement, Selene (Night) and the third movement, Eos (Dawn). Twilight refers to the time right before sunrise when the first beams of light begin to break through the dark. Twilight begins in the same harmonic world as Selene, exploring many of the colors available from the harp, representing the light breaking through the mist of the morning, before blending directly into Eos. I created an ending for this cadenza that converts it into a stand-alone solo.This work uses many extended techniques for the harp, often producing the same pitch in a variety of different ways.






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