Joseph Rebman

Harpist and Composer

Instrumentation: Two violins, viola, cello, double bass.

Written: Fall 2014

Duration: 15 min.

Premiere: Joseph Rebman MM Composition recital. March 29th, 2015. Tristan Selke and Catie Rinderknecht, violins, Michael Garland, viola, Paula SantaCruz, cello, and Christine Craddock, double bass.


Recordings live from the premiere, except I. Fiery Tango, featuring Laura Cao, viola.

Program Notes:

Dance Suite was written in the fall and winter of 2014, and premiered on March 29th, 2015 on a recital presented by the composer. Premiere ensemble included Tristan Selke, Catie Rinderkinect, Michael Garland, Paula SantaCruz, and Christine Craddock.

Writing this piece was an adventure in different styles, pushing myself to explore aspects of composition I'm not as familiar with. The main form of this piece is inspired by popular music, incorporating repeated melodies, equal phrases, and simple meters. In terms of content, each movement is inspired by a piece or song I heard growing up. I also dive into jazz with the final movement, something I don't usually incorporate in my works.





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