Joseph Rebman

Harpist and Composer

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Live recording from the premiere featuring Rebecca Chen.

Instrumentation: Solo alto flute.

Written: Fall 2012

Duration: 5-6 min

Premiere: Selected for performance by the Greater Cleveland Flute Society and premiered on their Composers Connection concert on April 21st, 2013.

Program Notes:

This piece began as a short solo within a larger piece of mine, Mnemosyne, for harp and flute. In Greek mythology, Mnemosyne was one of the Titans, as well as the mother of the nine muses. Mnemosyne includes nine short movements in the form of character pieces based on each of the nine muses. Euterpe, Muse of Elegiac poetry, was the alto flute solo. Elegy is an expansion of that movement into a stand-alone solo.





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