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2nd AD recital

TIme for my second AD harp recital! Come hear some fun harp music, including the premiere of the piano version of my harp concerto!

Tournier - Sonatine
Salzedo - Pentacle, with Elizabeth Bawel, harp
Paterson - Pegasus, with Cleo Leung, flute
Rebman - Hyperion: Concerto for harp and orchestra, with Jing'er Xu, piano

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to Mar 7

TUTTI 2015 New Music Festival

I will be a featured composer at the TUTTI 2015 New Music Festival at the University of Denison in Granville, Ohio. Professors Ni Yan and Leslie Maaser will be performing Mnemosyne for harp and flute.

(Concert will be the weekend of March 6-7. Details forthcoming.)

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